Year Two

As they move from Year One to Year Two, new and exciting challenges await the children.  The Teacher and Teaching Assistant are able to enrich and deepen the existing knowledge and skills the children have already acquired during Nursery, Nursery and Year 1.  There is a more formal approach to learning and the children are expected to become more independent and responsible in their approach to their studies.

Learning is brought to life through stimulating and ‘hands on’ lessons, including excursions, particularly continuing to make use of all that Cambridge has to offer.  The Fitzwilliam Museum, the Scott-Polar Museum, Kettles’ Yard and a whole host of fascinating educational venues are within walking distance.  Specialists in the areas of ICT, Music, Art, Spanish and P.E. continue to work with the children, ensuring a broad and well balanced curriculum.  Links to the Prep department take on greater importance as we prepare the children for their move up to Year 3.  Carefully designed transition activities guarantee that by the end of the year all the children are comfortable with the move to our Prep at St Paul’s Road, and are ready for the next stage in their learning journey.


Pupils develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding as a result of the excellent curriculum … Pupils are articulate and ask challenging questions with enthusiasm and skill. Relationships with their peers and with their teachers are excellent and are a key feature in promoting their good achievements.

Independent Schools’ Inspectorate Report 2016