Year One

Following on from Reception, children move into our Year One class.  The class size is intentionally very small, to enable the attention to detail to be very specific to the development of each child.  This is ensured by the full time teacher and the Teaching Assistant, who work together to help each child reach his or her full potential.  There is a great emphasis on continuing to develop reading and writing skills, as well as consolidating and extending mathematics knowledge.  We encourage a thirst for learning and high academic achievement, combined with lots of fun!

Trips to the Botanic Gardens, the Museum of Cambridge and a host of the city’s educational attractions widen and deepen the children’s experience.  Specialist teachers deliver Spanish, Art, Music and P.E. lessons.


I think what sums it up for me is the warm and caring environment. Every teacher knows every child and they deeply care. It’s like a big family.

When our child was in reception he really couldn’t have been in better hands. I never once had any doubts about his academic learning or about him feeling happy, confident, loved and cared for at school. The pre-prep is a happy and safe place where the children can just be who they are. It’s not very often you can say that about a school.