Reception Class

Sancton Wood children move seamlessly and naturally from Unicorns Nursery into our Reception class, but in addition, we often welcome children from other nursery settings.

Pupils in Reception continue to work within the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, but increasing emphasis is placed on the teaching of literacy and numeracy.

We provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment inside and out, in which children can flourish. Our aim is to develop a sense of independence, to instil confidence and to develop social skills as well as encouraging the children to explore and question the world around them. It is in Reception that our children begin to take advantage of the host of opportunities that Cambridge offers.

Specialist teachers teach the children P.E., Music and Spanish.


The outcomes for children are OUTSTANDING. All children make rapid progress from their individual starting points. Consistently high standards are achieved because of the interesting educational programmes and the outstanding level of care provided by dedicated staff. This results in most children reaching, and many exceeding, levels of typical development for their age.

Independent Schools’ Inspectorate Report, 2016.