Life Skills and PSHE


The talented Mrs Pankhania has created some more colouring in pages. You can click to print the following:

SW Photography Competition 2020
This year’s theme is ‘The Doortrait’
examples here:
Send your entries to

Our very own Mrs Jackson has written and recorded a therapeutic story about the current global situation.

Literacy shed

Website with videos and images to stimulate creative writing (KS1- Go to KS1 shed as some videos can be a little unsettling in the other sheds).


Great images website. Each day of the year has a different image. These all have conversation starter questions and ideas for activities based on each image.

Streamed videos

Meet Mary Anning – Victorian Female Fossil Hunter

The story of Edward Jenner and the first vaccine

Explore a new science topic each day with Kurzgesagt – in a nutshell

Make your own volcano!

Love the weather? Here’s how to make your very own weather instruments:

A wind sock (wind direction and speed)
A weather vane (wind direction):
A rain gauge (measures rainfall over a 24 hour period):
Feeling ambitious?! Try making a thermometer (with an adult):
Feeling ambitious?! Try a barometer (measures air pressure)
Feeling extra ambitious?! Try making a hygrometer (with an adult) which measures air humidity)


Guess the Pop Song


Make your own cardboard castle

Create a Medieval Village – You could just build a peasant’s house, or you could make an entire village!

Make a family time capsule

Make your own mummy

Craft Activities – if you’re feeling creative, there are lots of history craft activities to keep you preoccupied!


Watch Economics Explained
Pick some interesting topics

Have a go at storyboarding a moment from business history (you could even try this for the coronavirus pandemic).

Run a charitable enterprise
Are you creative? Can you make something for money?
Last year the smaller Business group repackaged chocolates and boxed up homemade chocolates to help raise money for Red Nose Day. We made about £70 profit to donate to the charity. Use this time to think about how you could design, build and manage a real charitable enterprise. Think about what your purchases will cost and work out how much to sell each unit for to make a suitable profit – for now your labour is free.

More of a gamer? (Please note these games have been researched but not trialled)

There are plenty of options to try but you may have to subscribe looks interesting as you build a business from the ground up in a competitive environment.

There are games for purchase too – explore them on STEAM, PS4 or XBOX.
We like the look of this…