Family Engagement


The wonderful Haynes family have created a Cycle Treasure Hunt around Cambridge.
Download it here.


Bake a cake together. Do you have an old family recipe? Call a grandparent to ask them for their favourite recipes.

Write a letter to your buddy scheme buddy, friends, family or neighbour.

Play a board game.

Write open ended questions about an older family member’s childhood. Call them and ask them the questions, making notes.

Make an obstacle course in the house or garden. Who can achieve the fastest time?

Do a puzzle together.

Hold a family quiz. Include a family round with questions about things family members have said and done. Invite others via video call.

Get crafty. Follow fiveminutemum or play.horray on Instagram for ideas.

Play charades.

Have a karaoke night.

Do you have a younger sibling? Teach them something you know. Can you make them something to help them learn?

Talk about the countries you have visited.

Embrace the movie night. Younger children may enjoy making cinema tickets and serving popcorn.

Paint rocks and leave them on a walk for other children to find.

Collect sticks, fur cones and interesting shaped leaves on a walk. Can you make a picture with them when you return home?

Wash the car together.

Create a treasure hunt with written clues.

Play walk around bingo. Can you spot a red door, a black car, a yellow flower, a cat?

Feed the ducks.

Play Poohsticks.

Do the three marker challenge. Draw a design; a dress, a bag or a water bottle for example. Blindfolded, take it in turns to select three colouring pens each. Colour your designs with the three colours you have.

Mix red, yellow and blue coloured paints to create secondary and tertiary colours for a painting.

Go through family photographs.

Put together a family tree.

Go through family photographs.

Put together a family tree.

Ask a grandparent to read you a story over the phone.

Read your parent’s favourite book. Do you like it too? What about their favourite film or song?

Learn to play a song together with a family member over video call. Not musical? Can anyone in the family teach you another language, or sign language?

Ask to hear the story of when you were first born.

Grow your own veg straight from the seeds of the fruit.

Recreate the work of your parent’s favourite artist.

Make salt dough family handprints.

Create your own fairground in the garden knocking down stacked cups, throwing balls into pots and shooting down targets with a hose.

Dress up as a chef and waiter with a sibling and treat your parents to dinner at your ‘restaurant’ complete with menu and drinks orders.

Build a den.

Camp. Inside or out.

Learn a dance together.

Make a fairy house from twigs, stones and greenery.