Cultural Enrichment

Click here for over 60 Virtual Tours and Trips


From our very own Mrs Jackson, daily dances on YouTube channel, ‘Vital Spark Theatre’.

National Theatre at home, weekly productions to stream.

Wind in the Willows musicals available to stream online whilst the theatre is closed.

Virtual museum and art gallery tours

Virtual tours around the globe- Free globe-trotting tours and experiences

National galleries online

Visit the Natural History Museum in London for a virtual tour

The Louvre, Paris

The Musee D’Orsay, Paris

The National Gallery

The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

Northern Lights
Natures most amazing light show, from Churchill Northern Studies Center in Manitoba, Canada. The live camera allows you to scroll backwards to see the previous nights show, each day.

Safari park tours at Kruger Park, two game drives a day.

Online museum tours

The British Museum /

The Natural History Museum

The National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

The Pergamon Museum, Berlin

The Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

Berlin Philharmonic: Digital Concert Hall

  • The great conductors and soloists of our time
  • Hundreds of concerts covering six decades
  • Free interviews and concert introduction
  • Exciting documentaries and artist port
  • Free Education Programme concerts for the whole family

For those going on the Iceland trip: a chance to explore virtually some of the amazing sites we will be visiting in October through maps and video:

Love volcanoes? Check out these volcanoes in real time:

Or see the biggest earthquakes that have happened around the world today using earthquake track.

Want to go on a voyage of discovery anywhere on our globe? Then Google Earth is a must! Spin the globe and explore a new country every day:


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Reading lists and interesting websites are listed on each year group’s Google Classroom.



Viking life in Ireland – The Dublinia Museum website offers interactive ways of exploring Viking settlement in Ireland.

Ancient History Encyclopedia – Explore past cultures and ancient civilisations

The National Geographic – Explore the issues in our world that are making history today.

Interactive World History Map since 3000 BCE – Explore the development of the world and learn about how borders and countries have changed.


Start reading the Economist – you might pick up some articles through a standard mobile phone news app or through social media sites or through the bodleian library site
You could subscribe for 12 weeks at a reduced rate of £1 an issue
Or claim a free copy
You will really get value for money off this one magazine.

Read a newspaper at least once a week
Identify a couple of relevant articles – one close to home and another international. Try following up by keeping a diary where you write your own precis about what you have read.

The National Geographic – Explore the issues in our world that affect business today..