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MFL Kitchen Corner

This half-term, why not try out your language skills in the kitchen while cooking up some tasty treats?

Click here for three simple recipes for you to make while learning some Spanish, Mandarin and French. Say the words out loud as you cook and teach them to your family. Send your photos of your delicious culinary triumphs to Maybe you’ll try other French, Mandarin and Spanish recipes too? We look forward to sharing your photos in the MFL Kitchen Corner!


Understanding the Coronavirus
A Biomedical Science Journal for teens produced by the Francis Crick Institute, gives a really clear understanding of the pandemic. It makes an interesting read for our older students and can be downloaded here.

Weekly Maths Problems and challenges:
Want to test your lateral Maths skills? Think you are good at thinking a little bit outside the box? Why not test yourself against a maths challenge question each day! Open to years 4-11! Join the google classroom with this code: ilocp7a

Maths Shed
A superb resource to help with maths. Currently offering a 14-day free trial that will be extended for the entirety of school closures. See “Spelling Shed” too!

A free website jammed with engaging maths games.

A brilliant, curriculum aligned free maths platform. They offer a wide range of tasks for all ages and abilities. Free.

MathsFrame offers clearly labelled categories from various maths strands, enabling you to narrow your child’s learning. Free.

A tried and tested platform for practising maths. Over 8 million users and 60 billion questions answered on their site. Free.

ICT Games
20 years of free educational games made by a UK based teacher. English content also included.


Audible has made 100’s of children’s audiobooks free. No signup, just click, stream and listen.

Free Children Stories
Perfect for story time! Thousands of free stories for children.

Oxford Owl (for home)
Free eBooks, spelling tips and a hub for reading advice. Also includes maths resources.

Brilliant CBBC news service that will keep children up to date with current goings on and provides hundreds of kid-friendly articles, quizzes and guides. Free.


STEM Learning features Tim Peake answering questions on space

Listen to podcasts from STEM Ambassadors

STEM family activities to do at home can be found here

National Geographic Kids
Fantastic content including anything from 17 explosive volcano facts to articles about the rainforest. Spark their interest in the world! Free.

Science Sparks website
Brilliant activities for STEM at home. Experiments for all different age groups.

Explore the Universe with an online telescope

Visit the Natural History Museum in London for a virtual tour

Make your own nature journal – record like Darwin
Plenty more in this series including making a bird house and a wax wrap.

Join in the big butterfly count

Citizen Science lets you help real scientists collect big data
There are a lot of options to choose from so how about….
Bash the bug – helping to spot the presence of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria


Listen to foreign language books on Audible

Enhance existing foreign language skills or learn a new language with duolingo Also available on the App Store

Watch film and TV with foreign language audio and subtitles
AmazonPrime and Netflix

Radio stations, videos, vocab learning and games in 50 languages

Keep a diary in a foreign language
use as your online dictionary and keep a vocab list of the new and obscure words you discover, then create vocab lists to learn your new words.

Poetry challenge
Can you recite a poem in a foreign language off by heart?

Bake in French…
…and cook in Spanish


Geography extended reading list:

Not so keen on reading? Geography video & TED talks list:

Love maps? Want to test your place-knowledge? Try Geoguessor:

Love to learn about the world and new places? Try National Geographic for kids:
or older students: (please note you can access copies of the National Geographic online for free through your local library)

Geography extension: up for a challenge?
In Year 8 or above? Want to spend more time exploring geography beyond the school curriculum? Please email Mrs Corpas at to ask to join the Geography Extension google classroom.


Greek Club
Email Miss Hambly ( to be added to the Google Classroom.


History TED Talks
Choose a topic you’re interested in, from the history of languages, to the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.

History Podcasts
If you would rather listen to some history, BBC podcast, Witness History, could be for you. The episodes are short and there’s heaps to choose from!

John Green’s Crash Course
Short and informative – John Green crams a lot of information in!

Eyewitness to History
Interested in exploring some primary sources? Choose a topic and learn about the past from those who were there!

BBC History
An interactive way of exploring an array of histories through animations.


Start reading the Economist
You might pick up some articles through a standard mobile phone news app or through social media sites or through the bodleian library site
You could subscribe for 12 weeks at a reduced rate of £1 an issue
Or claim a free copy
You will really get value for money off this one magazine

BBC are offering daily business lessons on their website from April 20th – you might want to give them a go….