Rising 3’s Unicorns’ Nursery Class

Elmer Class

Children who reach the age of approximately 2 years 6 months are given the opportunity to progress into Elmer room for an academic year to build on the excellent foundations provided by Baby Unicorns and further develop their learning.  With emphasis on the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum: Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language, children will experience play based learning in a safe, happy and challenging environment both indoors and outdoors.  The children particularly enjoy our wonderful garden area, and have great fun building dens and working busily in the ‘mud kitchen’, all the while learning new skills and building social interaction.  This is a super basis on which the next pre-school class builds.


There is a culture of mutual trust and respect throughout the setting. Children are helped to form strong relationships with their key person and all adults. The warm family atmosphere that pervades the school gives all children a sense of belonging, and they learn to care for and respect each other in a safe and secure environment.

Independent Schools’ Inspectorate Report 2016.