The teaching of phonics at Sancton Wood School: Pre-prep

We learn to read, to read to learn. This is easy to say but how can we teach reading in a way that will inspire our children to be life-long lovers of literature? Simple, we instil a sense of awe and wonder around books and we provide children with memorable experiences which connect learning to read with pleasure; StoryTime Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics reading and writing programme to complement Letters and Sounds (Primary National Strategy, Crown Copyright 2007) that aims to do just that. The uniqueness of StoryTime Phonics is that the synthetic phonics teaching opportunities are embedded within the context of real books; books written by phenomenal writers and illustrators who know how to engage children and make them want to read for pleasure. This programme is designed to support teachers to inspire and motivate children with exciting phonic lessons. Lesson by lesson, there are notes and films relating to a daily book choice which ensure that lessons are multi-sensory and fun.  

 Our children at Sancton Wood School love their exciting and engaging phonics sessions. So much so that they would like to share some of the key elements with you. Please click the videos below to see a short video for each phonic phase, along with a caption and action that children in Reception and Year 1 will be taught to compliment and support their understanding of letters and sounds.

Phase 2 (Reception)

Phase 3 (Reception)

Phase 5 (Year 1)

You can support your child at home by watching these videos and practising the sound with them to ensure they are secure with phoneme/ grapheme correspondence. The kinesthetic element of the ‘caption action’ ensures that learning new letters and sounds is memorable for children whilst having the added benefit of appealing to a variety of learning styles.

 Phase 2 and 3 are taught and embedded throughout the Reception Year, whilst Phase 5 is taught throughout Year 1 to teach the children alternative ways of spelling sounds.