‘Back in 2014 when my year finished our studies at Sancton Wood, it’s fair to say we were excited about what our new lives had to bring. However, it’s only now that I can appreciate how much the school and all of the wonderful teachers have prepared us for further education and life in the real world.  A few of us struggled through our GCSEs and may never have made it without the one-to-one teaching and the encouragement from all staff members. The commitment of the teachers to our emotional and academic well being helped us through what is famously a tricky time. However, I’m pleased to say that we have all survived the last two years in the big wide world and here is how we have spent it.

I went to Parkside Sixth and am now on a two year gap (with a year’s Access to University course) before applying to study Biology. So far I have spent my first year out fundraising for my three-month trip to South Africa beginning in February, where I will be working to help women who are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and teaching young people how to avoid it and build healthy relationships

All in all, we are very happy and, whatever life ahead of us holds, we know that we have Sancton Wood to thank for sending us out into the world with an enriching and fulfilling education.’


Caitlin Murphy