Student Council

Our Student Council is a group of students who represent the views of the students in this school.

The Student Council meets with the Deputy Headteacher twice a term in order to discuss and review changes to the school; with the additional aim of coming up with new ideas to improve different aspects of the school and students’ overall experience of it.  Our council has two representatives per year group, starting at Year 1.

They are democratically elected by their peers and take the views and ideas of the students in their class forward to each meeting. They then provide feedback to other students about the outcomes of each meeting.

Recently they were responsible for the hiring of new caterers, the introduction of pet rabbits to the Prep site and the securing of lunch time privileges for Senior School students.


The school has appropriate and effective means for gathering the views of pupils through the school council.  Junior pupils spoke positively about the worry box which provides pupils with an additional means of communication and sharing concerns.  For example, the introduction of Triple Science course was a direct response form a request from pupils.

ISI 2015 Inspection