Pastoral Care at Sancton Wood

At Sancton Wood we are very proud of our pastoral care. Our latest ISI inspection (issued February 2016) said: ‘The outstanding pastoral arrangements ensure that pupils understand and exercise the values of honesty, courtesy and respect for themselves and others. Staff know the pupils well and provide excellent pastoral support.’

The quality of the personal development of the pupils is excellent and is effectively promoted by strong relationships and the school’s ethos. (ISI, 2015)

The value system of a school, the opportunities for moral, spiritual, social and cultural development as well as the more formal and overt pastoral curriculum, which would include, though not be limited to, the PSHCE work whether done by tutors or by subject specialists. Our SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Pastoral Care) was also given the top grade ‘excellent’ and inspectors commented, ‘Comprehensive strategies ensure that, in accordance with the schools’ aims, pupils leave the schools confident, well rounded, self assured and have a good self knowledge. Parents and pupils are highly satisfied.’

Our small class sizes mean that we know our pupils very well, know what makes them tick, know what their strengths and weaknesses are and therefore,

The quality of pastoral care is excellent. (ISI, 2015)

This, in turn, leads to our excellent GCSE results and the high success rate with their applications to 6th Form providers.