GCSE Results 2018

We were delighted with the results of the class of 2018.

A cohort of 17 students sat GCSEs over a range of 14 subjects in 2018. Under the new 9-1 grading system, and sitting the tougher linear examinations, they achieved an outstanding set of results, with over a third of all grades at the top level.

Students who have been at the school since Pre-Prep did especially well, with one student scoring perfect grade 9s across 10 subjects. Given that only 732 pupils in the whole of the UK scored a clean sweep of grade 9’s in all subjects, this is an impressive achievement. These ‘all through’ students accounted for 52% of the top grades for the year, an endorsement of the excellent teaching right across the school.

One excellent way to gauge a school’s performance is the Value Added scores the school receives. These scores are based on predicted results in Y7 and show that all our students exceeded their A*-G predictions, some by a significant percentage. The predictions set in Y7 were that 68% of students were expected to gain 5A*-C; the significant improvement to 85% is testament to the dedication of the team and the application and hard work of the pupils.

As ever, a number of students from Years 10 and 9 sat GCSEs early, before their main exams entry, all achieving at A* or A level in Astronomy, Spanish and French.
Our headteacher, Richard Settle, said, “Once again we are delighted by our students’ achievements; these results are an endorsement of our inclusive and nurturing ethos. Happy students enjoy learning and achieve. Their overall scores were almost exactly in line with last year, with 85% of students achieving at the new level 9-4; an impressive outcome.”

37% of entries were 9 or 8
70% were 9-7
85% were 9-4