GCSE Results 2017

2017 was an excellent year for our Year 11 students.  Our pupils sat exams in 15 subjects and achieved 87% A*-C grades.

Of the 17 candidates, five of them attained 3A*s or more each and there were outstanding performances by three pupils who achieved 20A* and 16As between them and emerged with all top grades.

From the class of 2017, seven students had been at Sancton Wood since Unicorns Nursery, aged three.  They progressed through the entire school and achieved an impressive 100% A*-C, including Core subjects.  An endorsement of our teaching here at Sancton Wood.

Perhaps the best gauge of a school’s performance, however, is the Value Added Measure.  MidYIS together with the University of Durham produce these scores which predict the results that students should achieve, based on test taken in Year 7.

The Value Added scores showed that everyone exceeded their 5A* to C grade predictions, some by a  large percentage. The predictions set in year 7 showed 68% were expected to gain 5 A*-C including English, Maths & Science; this improvement is testament to the dedication of our staff and the application and hard work of the students.  Unsurprisingly, all last year’s Y11s are now at their first choice A-Level centre, which included Hills Road, Long Road and Stephen Perse.

“Once again, we are thrilled with these results.  We continue to buck national trends and our value added prediction is impressive.

At Sancton Wood we work hard to ensure all our students achieve their best academic outcomes.  We tailor all our teaching based on their individual needs, goals and learning styles so that they have the ability to learn and progress at a comfortable and realistic pace.”

Richard Settle, Headmaster

43% of entries were A or A*

70% were A*-B

87% were A*-C