Term Dates

Summer Term 2021

14th April – 6th July

Half Term

31st May – 4th June

Summer Break

Michaelmas Term 2021

8th September – 9th December

Half Term

Thursday 21st October – Friday 29th October

Christmas Break

Friday 10th December – Wednesday 5th January

The following dates relate to Nursery and Reception as they have a staggered start to the year to best support their transition.

Monday 6th September 2021 This is an inset day for all staff
Tuesday 7th September​ 2021  Virtual/ home visits
Wednesday 8th September 2021 Morning only 8:45am-12 noon, *if your child attends on Wednesdays
Thursday 9th September 2021 Morning and lunch 8:45 am-1pm, *if your child attends on Thursdays.
Friday 10th September 2021 onwards is all day. 8.45am – 3.15pm, *if your child attends on Fridays.

* relates to Nursery only.

Lent Term 2022

Thursday 6th January – Thursday 31st March

Half Term

Monday 14th February – Friday 18th February

Easter Break

Friday 1st April – Wednesday 20th April

Summer Term 2022

Thursday 21st April – Thursday 7th July

Half Term

Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June

Summer Break

Friday 8th July.

Michaelmas Term 2022

Monday 5th September – Thursday 8th December

Half Term

21st – 31st October

Lent Term 2023

Wednesday 4th January – Thursday 30th March

Half Term

13th – 17th February

Summer Term 2023

Tuesday 18th April – Thursday 6th July

Half Term

29th May – 2nd June