ISI Report

The school is a member of the Independent Schools Association and, as such, is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. We were inspected in April 2018 and our new inspection report is now available. The School was judged to be compliant in all areas and our Early Years provision was once again ‘Outstanding’ across the board.

Mr Settle commented on the report to parents saying;

I was perhaps most pleased that the inspectors were able to say that ‘the quality of the personal development of the pupils is excellent and is effectively promoted by strong relationships and the school’s ethos’ exactly in keeping with our main mission statement.  I have always said to prospective parents that we aim to show our students a level of care that will promote their confidence and individuality and therefore, over time, lead to exam success and lovely, well rounded individuals. It was great to have confirmation that we are delivering this.

Mr Settle, Principal

You can access the full Inspection Report via the link below:

ISI Sancton Wood Report 2015

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report 2018

Copies of our older inspection reports can be accessed below:

Sancton Wood School

Independent Schools Inspectorate | 2011

Baby Unicorns Nursery

ISI Baby Unicorns | 2012