2016 – 2017 Fees (per Term)

Baby Unicorn’s Nursery: £3490
Unicorn’s Nursery: £3175
Pre-Prep: £3175
Prep: £3435
Upper: £4135

Scholarships are also available, please contact our Registrar Fiona Haskell for more details.

Payment of Fees: Fees for each Term are due and payable as cleared funds before the commencement of the School Term to which they relate. If an item on the fees invoice is under query, the balance of that fees invoice must be paid. Fees are to be paid by bank transfer or cheque – cash is not accepted at the school.

Late payment: An administration charge of £50 plus interest charged on a day-to-day basis will be added to Fees which are unpaid. The rate of interest charged will be at up to 1.5% per month accruing on a daily basis which represents a genuine pre-estimate of the cost to the School of a default. The Parents shall also be liable to pay all costs, fees, disbursements and charges including legal fees and costs reasonably incurred by the School in the recovery of any unpaid Fees regardless of the value of the School’s claim.

Sancton Wood School Terms & Conditions

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