‘I had the full Sancton Wood experience; starting at the age of three in nursery and going right through to completing my GCSEs in year 11, so I think it’s safe to say Sancton Wood has absolutely shaped me not only as a student but as a person.

Through my numerous years at Sancton Wood I received not only help and support but a huge amount of encouragement to pursue my academic interests further and to aim higher –  nothing highlights this more than the fact that I left Sancton Wood with 17 GCSEs! I don’t think I would have received as much support or have been facilitated so greatly to do this anywhere other than Sancton Wood.

However, I didn’t just leave Sancton Wood with exam qualifications, I left with a huge amount of confidence not only in my ability to perform in an exam hall but in myself as a person. I think it is this quality that makes Sancton Wood such a unique learning environment. Sancton Wood is a place where you are celebrated for your individuality, a place where all your quirks are appreciated and a place where your personality is supported to develop and shine.

After leaving Sancton Wood I went on to successfully complete an International Baccalaureate and am now studying Medicine at Imperial College London and absolutely loving it!’

Flossie Roberts